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Iana Avramova

Transformation Designer  

Accredited Life & Executive Coach with 10+ years of managerial experience with multidisciplinary teams in Bulgaria and the Netherlands. Author of the European award-winner Transformika Coaching Cards – powerful tool for personal & professional growth.

"My passion is to add value to the lives of people around me by enhancing their potential and empowering their creativity. I am a raving fan of innovative tools. I love developing and co-creating such tools, programs & instruments that can have a positive impact on society as a whole."


Member of the International Institute for Coaching and Mentoring (IICM). Graduated with honors Life & Executive Coaching at Noble Manhattan, UK. Studied International Marketing Management and Communication and Multimedia Design in the Netherlands.

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Valeria Dilova

Master of Psychology and Bulgarian Philology and 25+ years of therapeutical experience, Valeria continued her specialization in the College of Southern Idaho and then in the Milton Erickson Foundation in Arizona, USA, where she obtained her certification in Hypnotherapy and Family Therapy. 

Valeria is a valued member of the Bulgarian Society of Analytical Psychology and she is a Certified Jungian Oriented Psychotherapist. In her work, he uses various practices and approaches, including psychoanalysis, clinical hypnosis, dreamwork, and others.

"My passion is combining traditional psychotherapy and psychoanalysis with dream interpretation, working with active imagination, mandala drawing, clinical hypnosis, diagnostic tests, and archetypes. I believe that each person is unique and a different combination of techniques will work for each one."

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Rada Peneva

Graduated from the Bulgarian National Academy of Arts, Radostina has already 20+ years of experience in Graphic Design and Illustration. She is one of the first Illustrators, working for the Bulgarian Studio of the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. She is experienced in the Advertising Industry and most recently in the illustrating of children's books.


Two of the books that she has illustrated have qualified in 7th place for 2015, which for the Bulgarian market is a great success. Radostina is extremely creative and imaginative and her drawings feel like they are alive.

"My passion since my childhood has been drawing. It is what makes me happy, comforts me, and gives me purpose. All that matters to me is that the characters and images that I create can inspire others."

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Iana Avramova


Since I was a kid, I love creating games. From paper, stones, shoe boxes, leaves, or anything I could get my hands on. At the age of 11 years, I won my first prize for developing (with the help of my dad) a board game.


Although I spent many years pursuing a managerial career, I have never stopped believing in magic, miracles, and the extraordinary. It took me a while to realize that I should not take myself too seriously. Only then I could reconnect to my inner child and use all its powers. It has been more than 10 years since I have not stopped rediscovering my curiosity, creativity, and inner


I know that to many people, I may look childish and naive in many ways. But exactly that is what helps me to empower my creative potential and turn it into innovative tools for adults and children. 

Tools & Products developed

  1. Transformika Coaching Cards won 2 European Innovation Awards and has already been translated into 3 languages. Find more about it HERE

  2. 52 Inspirational Cards in two languages, focused on improving the cooperation between the left and right hemisphere of our brain. Find more about it HERE

  3. Pictus - a set of 36 metaphorical cards for developing creativity and improving the connection with our unconscious mind. Find more about it HERE

  4. PlayCraft - an application teaching kids on basic Emotional Intelligence through play. Find more about it HERE

  5. Monety - tools and programs training kids on Financial Literacy through play. Find more about it HERE

  6. YOCO Cards - a set of cards empowering youth leaders, developed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. Find more about it HERE

  7. VOICE-UP board game for trainers who work with disadvantaged women, who need to be empowered to get into the work force. Developed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. Find more about it HERE or watch the VIDEO

  8. DiARC - a set of 55 creativity cards helping trainers from the art industry to develop in youngster a creative thinking and approach. Developed under the Erasmus+ program of the European Union. Find more about it soon.

  9. Design Your Life - 14 days online training (only in Bulgarian) in discovering and empowering your best version yet. Find more about it HERE