• Iana Avramova

World IA Day Sofia 2020: The IA Element

On the 22nd of February was held the International Information Architecture day. We participated by facilitating a Transformational Leadership half-day workshop. It was great fun playing with Transformika Coaching Cards and the 52 Inspirational Cards.

World IA Day was created to celebrate Information Architecture (IA) and to empower local leaders to keep growing and sharing within their communities. Together with people from 61 Cities, in 26 Countries, on 5 Continets we reinforced this celebration – highlighting how important for the future of Leadership is the collaboration and co-creation.

Transformational Leadership is the step forward towards the Leadership of the future. We focused on two main components of it:

Leading with powerful questions
Storytelling for higher engagement

It was a great experience we shared with the hosts of the Bulgarian IA Chapter of - Softserve and the students from the New Bulgarian University.


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